The Best File Formats For Your Logo Upload

While Brandable Box currently accepts all artwork formats, there are some file formats that will look better than others for corrugated cardboard printing. We want to make sure your boxes are printed at the highest quality possible.

We recommend your artwork be at least 300 pixels by inch or 300 dpi.

Here are a few other recommendations:

color cardboard printing
ideal file type cardboard printing
file size for logo cardboard printing

If your logo is white, it's important to note that our printing process cannot support spot-color applications for white ink at this time.

White elements on your logo will not print onto your box, but instead show as the cardboard color. White registers with our 4-color printer as zero values and so the printer does not use any ink in that space. Here's an example:

example white on cardboard printing

Wondering what colors will look best on Kraft brown boxes? Read more here.

Already have your logo figured out? Find out which box material is best for your logo colors here.

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